Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Poems 5778 - 2018

I think I am learning new and important meanings to the phrase "take it like a man":

Take your loneliness like a man
Take your aloneness like a man
Take the inescapability of now like a man, so that you may find a strange and new peace
Take the absolute necessity of letting go like a man
Take the fact that it makes no difference if you
apparently choose to unfurl your grip, or if Life simply stomps on your fingers
til they bruise, bleed and slip,
like a man
Take your loss of the illusion of control like a man
Take your addiction to stories, and hurl them into the great silence, like a man
Take your not knowing from minute to minute like a man
Take your non-ownership of any other human being like a man
Take the unexpected like a man
Take your loss of fake power like a man, so that you may discover where your real power lies
Take back the love that was never yours to possess or give away, but is always just there, sometimes forgotten for a short moment, like a man


Adaptible Poem for Shabbat

( or please substitute any other relevant name)
even though you have hair
growing out of your nose
and ears
(please substitute any other relevant body part here)
I still love, honour and respect
the light and life
I see in you


Now there arose a new king
who did evil in the sight of the lord
he turned the garden into a jungle
banned plastic bags from the kingdom
planted pumpkins and recycled dog shit
brought in monsterous chickens
that attacked and savaged the citizens
he let vermin run wild
they ate the cereal and sugar
but one day the people arose
and toppled that pretender to the throne
that man that wouldn't be king


I wear around my neck
like a protective amulet
"she's dead
she's dead
she's gone
she's gone

and she's not 
coming back "
I even said kaddish in shul for her
just to help me get it

Can I be loved or can I be love?

I am angry that the sun is shining on the neighbours' house.
I had expected it to behave appropriately and only shine on mine.

i don't need a partner
to be whole
i just need to stop telling myself I'm incomplete


late afternoon
when the shadows fall
and the fear of night
is the time
I most prefer
the company
of friends


אני, ולא אחר
שומר עליך
כי בעצם
לא על מה
שאתה חושב שאתה
אלא על מה
שאתה באמת

you are such a beautiful bride
I do not find any blemish in you
and nor do you age and wither

walk slowly
as if you were going to your own death
which you are


Just as on Pesach
we open the door
so that Eliyahoo the prophet
may also drink
from the cup of freedom
so every liberation
requires we open
a hithertoo closed
door in our heart

Where the hell are we?
In this place zombies
watch endless cooking shows
listen all night
to call centre music
that is changed
only once
every called has died
write novel-length self-
reflective journals
to achieve professional
development points
for the plumbing trade
and wish each other
"have a good day"
before disemboweling
their neighbour


Gifted child
looking for employment
will wipe bums


wham , bam
thank you man


איזהו גיבור?
הכובש את בדידותו

sending off poems:
the death throws of the ego

Am I a man or a mouse?
Neither. I am a much loved poodle

I prayed and my prayers have been answered
not in the way I expected but nevertheless...
the incomprehensible creativity of Life


Where ever you go
there is a window
with a tree just beyond
even if you cannot see it
at the time


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